Our Story


e-Edie’s Incorporated is made up of a team of highly creative individuals that in the end, provide our clients with a well rounded fully functional website, Facebook Page and Google Business Page that suits their needs. We tend to be old school straight shooters. What does that mean for you? We will never try to fluff your tail feathers nor try to sell you something you do not need.


We listen to our clients and try to come up with a goal to achieve, It may be just some simple exposure online to a more complex eCommerce application. Our expertise is in marketing, design and eCommerce. We can supply our clients with the edge their after with their online presence.


We offer:

  • Website Development
  • Server Administration
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Registrations – .com
  • Shopify Store Creations
  • Banner Creations
  • Unique Logo Designs
  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Facebook Ad Marketing
  • Video Creations for Ads
  • Google Business Page Creation
  • Google Adword Campaigns
  • eBay Store Set-up and listings
  • Amazon Store  Set-up and listings
  • Product Descriptions
  • WordPress
  • Blogs
  • Sears Marketplace
  • Walmart selling accounts
  • Bonanza Selling accounts
  • Google Shopping
  • Etsy Selling
  • ….and more


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Our History


e-Edies Incorporated was established in 2006 as a way to provide quality online presences and also do custom programming for clients.


It was staffed by a number of college students finishing their 4 year bachelors degree in Web Development and Server Administration.



We as a group beta tested gmail when there was only 100 people testing and looking for fixes to known problems before going live. Now they have billions of users.


We worked with anti-virus companies and wrote our own viruses to show how to fix against any corruptions to servers and individual accounts.


We created an eBay Account that grossed just under a million dollars in its second year. We wrote great titles, product descriptions and remain a Top Level Seller.


We created an Amazon Store and with limited time to devote to it, it still grossed over 200 thousand in its second year.


Since then, we have employees all over the globe working together as a team to get the results our clients are looking for.



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Our Mission


Our purpose is to provide a venue where local businesses can see the value of taking that next step of bringing their business online or to take what they have already and make it better.


We do that by first accessing what our clients needs are and what they hope to accomplish online. From there, we develop a plan of action that best suits our clients needs and their budget.

We Offer

24/7 Support

We are always looking for problems before they happen, but when they do…someone is always available to correct any issues that may be taking place so that you do not have to worry..

Quick Turnarounds

Once a project has been started, we work hard to get your project completed and get the online presence your after.

Seamless Presence

We will provide the same look and feel across all venues as a way to start branding your business. People will come to recognize who you are.

We Are Here To Provide You Best

From Start to finish, we want you the client happy with the way the project is going overall. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have with any part of the project. We are always available to make any changes on the fly that may come up. Whatever venue you decide to have online, it’s an extension of your business and you will always be in drivers seat in how you want it presented. We take from what you provide us and in turn take those ideas and turn them into a comprehensive approach to completing the projects. Most of our clients are aware of the benefits each venue provides, but lack the skills to turn it into a reality. Facebook is just one venue that most business owners with a little practice, can keep this area updated and also run specials taking place within their respective businesses. Most already have a personal account so it is a seamless process.

Why Choose Us

We Understand Clients Needs

We know and understand from start to finish what our clients needs are and make it a reality.

Global Presence

With employees all over the globe, we understand each business is unique and why they want a better online presence.

We are Responsive to Clients Needs

We sit down with a client to first understand what the needs and expectation are before doing anything.