At e-Edie’s Incorporated, we strategically design all of our web sites with success in mind, key details that enable you to maintain an effective site with an effective marketing plan. All of our sites include a FREE web traffic analysis system that gives you the ability to monitor your site traffic, where your customers are coming from, search engine keywords that they used in accessing your site, and many more very detailed statistics that can prove important for web marketing.




  •   Website Design – new projects created from the ground up!
  •   Website Re-design – complete redesign, as well as site upgrades
  •   Graphic Design and Logo Design
  •   Flash Design
  •   Sound and Video File integration for your website.
  •   E-Commerce Packages
  •   Blogs – the biggest rage!
  •   Message Boards
  •   Photo Galleries
  •   Mailing Lists
  •   Classifieds, Vehicle Inventory Management and Real Estate Listings
  •   Website Hosting
  •   Site Management – keeping your site current and up to date!
  •   .Internet Marketing
  •   Domain Registration and Domain Transfers
  •   Custom Programming
  •   SEO / Internet Marketing Services
  •   Consulting Services


Our Professional Web Design Team is ready to help you launch your business into the future. Good design and efficient navigation is extremely important in designing your web site, and our experience ensures that you get a professional site that brings you results. We also include submission to major search engines as a part of our design services, we want your site to gain high visibility as soon as possible, therefore search engine submission is a complimentary service to all of our web design customers. Most of all, we believe that customer support is extremely important for all of our customers, therefore we make sure we are always here when you need us. All sites are custom designed to each clients specifications and needs! We have maintenance plans that are available, which include web design, web hosting, web promotion and setup of any emails you may need, call or email us for details.




Quality of Service: We provide professional service, we look at your project from your vieszpoint, and build your site to fill your needs. Designing a website is a strategy, we build user-friendly, well thought out sites that ensure your projects success. Our years of experience guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Pricing: Excellent rates for professional services. Each project is unique, a custom proposal can be written up for your specific web project needs. Always a FREE Quote.


Dedication: Sometimes people just don’t take you seriously, and we know that can be the most frustrating thing in the world, once they have your money…they are gone. Not us! We are here to stay, a rock-solid business for 14 years, we want to maintain an on-going business relationship with you! We are dedicated to always be there when you need us.


Credibility: In business since 1995, e-Edie’s Incorporated has built a long lasting relationship with some very reputable businesses in New York and beyond, proving that trustworthiness and expertise have helped make us one the most qualified design companies. Our long list of clientele and diverse portfolio make us an excellent choice for any project. We are also members of our local Chamber of Commerce as well as the Better Business Bureau.


Whether you already have a Facebook Account or not, we can help. We can create you a stunning Facebook Business Page that you can easily manage once we have it up and running. We also do Facebook marketing with creating stunning videos to get more people to like, share and what more information about your products and or services. We can run Facebook Campaigns that will show up on potential new customers Facebook feeds.


  • Create Facebook Page
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Content Posting
  • Messaging Service




We can custom make you a Logo that really helps brand your business. All we need is your color combinations that are being used now, or we can look at your business to get the look and feel your after.


  • Logo Creations
  • Branding ability
  • Something you can be proud of
  • Easily recognized by customers




In order for new customers to be able to locate and contact you, having an accurate Google Business Page is a must. Just think how often you use Google when researching just about anything. The more accurate and up to date listing you have the better. The more often you post quality content, the higher Google will list or rank your page to be seen by others



  • Create or update your Google listing
  • Create ad campaigns with Ad-words
  • Content Posting
  • Messaging Service



Banenr Design_1

We can custom make you a number of banners to be used on all venues.




  • Custom Banner Creation
  • Continued Branding of your business
  • Something you can be Proud about

Are you looking to sell items on eBay and not sure how? We can help create you an account, upload listings and more. We suggest that you start out small with just a few listings to understand the process from start to finish so that you do not lose your selling privileges.



  • Help with creating an account
  • Help uploading listings
  • Messaging service
  • Shipping service